Social Fitness

fitolio is a fitness app that lets users exercise with their favorite influencers while allowing influencers to monetize their social media following and by mentoring their fans throughout their fitness journey.

Influencers = MENTORS

Do what you do best and let fitolio handle the rest

fitolio allows influencers to focus on growing their user base, creating quality live classes, and connecting with their followers, while fitolio takes care of everything else.
Benefits of being a fitolio mentor
  • Solid platform that enables live training sessions
  • Establishing loyal base of users
  • Increasing the number of followers
  • Minimal guaranteed payout for the first three months
  • Social media monetization
  • Additional untapped revenues
  • Easy to use app, no technical skills required
Become a mentor
fitolio provides you with a positive social fitness experience
  • Live training sessions
  • Positive, life-enhancing content
  • Direct connection with favorite influencers
  • Daily updated content
  • Access to additional fitness session (yoga, stretching) that complement mentor’s training
How much can I earn with fitolio?
Your earnings are limitless. You earn more with each fan that subscribes to you. You make 70% of the monthly subscription fees after Apple and Google processing fees.
What if I bring my followers and they leave me for another influencer?
fitolio understands how important each follower is to you. This is why you will earn 20% of any follower you bring to fitolio for as long as they're active.
How often do I need to hold a live session?
We recommend a minimum of 3 times per week and daily updates to your fans. After all you are their mentor :). They love hearing from you!!
Can I earn extra revenues on fitolio?
You sure can! Fans are allowed to buy interested in one of your classes and will join that session by purchasing an olio. Also, once your live sessions are done they will move into the drop in class section of the app and it's available for anyone to buy access with an olio.
Can I continue to grow my other social media channels if I join fitolio?
Yes! You ABSOLUTELY can and we strongly encourage it. As a matter of fact, joining fitolio might even help in growing your other social media platforms by gaining followers you previously didn’t have.
Am I a good fit to join fitolio?
If you’re a fitness influencer or a spiritual/life influencer and you love to empower and spread positivity then YES you’re the perfect fit for fitolio.