fitolio is the #1 platform for premium fitness mentorship at your fingertips.

The fitolio mobile app gives fans and followers an all-access pass to their favorite creator’s health and wellness content. As creators guide their fans towards a healthier and happier life, they are able to monetize their social media presence and build an intimate connection with their followers.

fitolio is a complete lifestyle app designed to support you throughout your health and wellness journey. We understand that while fitness is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, it's not the only part. Elements like nutrition and mindfulness are also essential for your complete well-being. fitolio app creators cover all these aspects and more with live training sessions, motivational updates, and nutrition guidance and support.

Creators = MENTORS


With fitolio, all kinds of health and fitness creators can build a dedicated fan base and access untapped revenue streams. fitolio allows you to connect with your audience in a way that has never been possible before. You have the freedom to integrate live training classes, motivational messages, and other empowering content that delivers a life-enhancing fitness experience.

While you focus on building your online community, our dedicated team takes care of all the management and logistics. We have full client support and technical support and we handle subscription payments and payouts. We believe that creators produce their best content when they don’t have hours of admin work to worry about. The fitolio team is committed to boosting your revenue and efficiency every step of the way.
Why Become a fitolio Creator?
  • Gain access to the leading all-in-one digital fitness solution
  • Create additional revenue streams
  • Establish a loyal fan base and gain clients/followers
  • Limitless earning potential
  • Help your fans live happier, healthier lives
  • Quick set up in minutes — no software or technical skills necessary
  • Easily track your activities and earnings
  • Work with a dedicated Creator Success Manager (CSM)
  • Take advantage of an engaging and accessible app interface
  • Grow your fan base and reach out to users who may not know you from social media
Become a mentor
Why Join fitolio?
Fitolio is the all-in-one app for all your social fitness needs and more. As a fan, you get exclusive mentorship from your favorite fitness creator and hundreds of drop-in classes at your fingertips. Simply download and join fitolio today to become part of a premier health and wellness community.
Fitolio empowers you with:
  • Live classes and training sessions
  • A direct relationship with your favorite creator
  • Exclusive and frequently updated content
  • A seamless health and wellness app experience
  • Drop-in classes to try something new
  • Empowering, motivational content and community
  • Additional fitness sessions (yoga, stretching) that complement your mentor’s training
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How much can I earn with fitolio?
Your earnings with fitolio are limitless. You earn more and more with each fan that subscribes to you. You make 70% of the users' monthly subscription fees after Apple and Google processing fees.
What if I bring my followers and they leave me for another creator?
fitolio understands how important each follower is to you. This is why you will earn 20% of any follower you bring to fitolio for as long as they are active.
How often do I need to do live sessions?
We recommend a minimum of 3 times per week and daily updates to your fans. After all you are their mentor :). They love hearing from you!!
Can I earn extra revenue with fitolio?
You sure can! fitolio users can join your sessions by purchasing them with olios. Upon completion, your live sessions will move into the drop in class section of the app and will be available for anyone to buy with an olio.
Can I continue to grow my other social media channels if I join fitolio?
Yes! You ABSOLUTELY can and we strongly encourage it. As a matter of fact, joining fitolio might even help in growing your other social media platforms by introducing you to followers you previously didn’t have.
Is fitolio right for me?
If you are a creator from the following categories: fitness/spiritual/self improvement, and you love to empower and spread positivity then YES fitolio is a perfect fit for you.