How Do I Make More Money as a Fitness Instructor?

For those who are passionate about fitness, building a solid social media following can be lucrative. While most social media influencers rake in a modest living, some earn enough to ditch their day jobs and become full time fitness coaches.

But building a following alone is tricky, and success may be elusive for a long time. fitolio can help you make more money as a fitness instructor by letting you monetize your following. It is a platform where your followers can easily subscribe to your content. Here is how we can help you overcome common challenges to help you grow your business.

We Remove Location-Based Obstacles

If you’re a fitness instructor whose main source of income is training clients in person, you’re limited by your location. With fitolio, you can connect with clients all over the world by hosting virtual fitness classes.

Instead of having to work around client schedules, you can earn money from subscribers who can then access your content from anywhere. They can follow along with a class while at the gym, working out at home, traveling, and more. If you’re wondering “How do I train my clients online?” then the answer is simple: with fitolio!

fitolio lets you host live training classes. Your current clients can subscribe and access your classes directly from the platform. We will notify them when you’re live so they can login and join your class. Now, you can mentor and coach your clients from afar without having to be in the gym with them.

Without a physical space, your potential for growth is unlimited. You can have hundreds of subscribers in a single class with many more catching the replay later. Your time will no longer be purely dedicated to one-on-one sessions and capped by how many clients you can see in a day. fitolio allows you to grow uninhibited, which also means unlimited earning potential.

We Help You Connect With Your Followers

One reason social media is so popular is that it allows people from all over the world to connect over shared interests. Commonly, trainers ask questions like “How do I grow my fitness business?” The best way is to create meaningful content about health and wellness and to actively mentor your clients.

You don’t have to post everyday, but you do need to be consistent. With fitolio, you can host live fitness classes or training sessions with clients from all of your social platforms. You can advertise your classes on Instagram, post reviews on Facebook, and upload snippets to YouTube to bring in followers from all of these platforms — and many more.

Content doesn’t have to be limited to instruction. You can also share your own wellness journey with your fans. Take them with you on nature walks and motivate them to get out and connect with nature in their own communities. Post nutrition tips and links to healthy recipes that are also easy to make or cost-efficient.

The best way to generate a following is to be authentic. There is no other you on the planet. Tap into your own unique interest and aesthetic to create content that resonates with like-minded people. Maybe you’re interested in adding quirky humor to break up cardio routines., or maybe you're in touch with nature and love taking your followers to hidden gems in different areas of your city. Celebrate your personality, and you will find others who connect with you.

The fitolio app helps more people find you and subscribe to your exclusive content. With fitolio, you can be more than a personal trainer — you can grow into a fitness mentor to your fans. Encourage your existing followers across platforms to join you on fitolio for content they can’t get anywhere else. fitolio also opens you up to new fans who are attracted by your marketing or drop in on one of your classes.

How We Are Different

Instead of offering impersonal training sessions, fitolio creators act as mentors who walk subscribers through their own health and wellness journey. We have made a platform that offers health and wellness in a single centralized location.

Once your subscribers have signed up, they can access your drop-in classes and other content that complements your mentorship. They can connect with other instructors for classes that complement your training and access the whole user community.

Once you become a fitolio creator, you can focus on helping your subscribers. All you have to do is create high quality content a few times a week and use your personality and passion to inspire others to sign up. If you’ve already got a large following on social media, our platform can help you connect with them in a more robust way.

We can help you improve your own revenue opportunities. You are not limited by a geographical location or in-person studio space. Instead, you can post from wherever you are and connect with the global community. And don't worry about the subscription fees, logistics, referral fees, and the rest — the fitolio team has you covered.

Whether your passion lies in creating routines that challenge your followers or in simply helping people become the best versions of themselves, fitolio is a great platform for you. We have mentors who practice many different styles of wellness, from fierce HIIT workouts to relaxing guided meditation. Your followers can find a variety of exclusive content that fits their needs and helps them achieve a well-rounded health experience.

f you’re ready to make more money as a fitness instructor and turn your unique fitness personality into a revenue stream, contact us today. We'll get you signed up as a mentor so you can start! There are no start-up costs, and you don’t need advanced technological skills. Just sign up as a creator and begin earning!